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As the premier locksmith company in Manhattan, KS, Prolock Emergency Service is equipped to handle all of the residential and commercial services you need. We’re a top commercial and residential locksmith in the community and have helped people for over 13 years. Contact us for the best services around and see why we're the best locksmith for homes in Manhattan, KS.


At Prolock Emergency Service, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with home security advancements and have developed an impressive array of skills to deal with nearly any residential lockout problem. We’ll perform lost key retrievals, on-site key replacements, break-in lock damage repairs, home security system installations, and more.

Our local locksmith for houses in Manhattan, KS, is readily available and responds quickly to every call. We look forward to helping you! 


Whether you're responding to a break-in or simply looking to beef up your security, Prolock Emergency Service will make it happen. Our locksmiths can repair broken locks, upgrade existing systems to near-impenetrable status, and install new locks to protect your business's valuables. In addition, we can provide a full analysis to show you the vulnerabilities in your current system. We greatly value our commercial partners and are proud to help create a system that protects your business.


Instead of changing the whole lock to when you lose your key, have Prolock Emergency Service rekey the structure. Essentially, rekeying means that one of our locksmiths will adjust the tumblers so the existing keys will no longer work, thus creating a new locking system from the existing hardware. The big advantage of rekeying is obviously the cost, but it can also open the door to another advantage. While we rekey your property, we can also create a master key that works not only at your front door but also the back door, gate, and garage door, giving you a one-size-fits-all solution. 

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Rekeying and master keying are delicate processes and require the experience and training of a true professional. Other locksmith companies in Manhattan may require a full replacement because they don't have these skills, but Prolock Emergency Service will always work in your best interest to create a secure solution at an advantageous cost. Call us today for 24/7 emergency service and work with the best locksmith for houses in Manhattan, KS.

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